The feeling of other side

I wish my thoughts left me Oh how brutally they left me feeling insane I am running away to the world of positivity How peacefully I slept that night Waking up with sun shine so bright But the darkness accompanied filled with nightmares The need to feel healed from all the wounds Nevertheless, they had […]

Crying out loud

She cried craving his absence He cried restoring her presence She smiled so she could hide her pain He smiled so he could attain She who had marks on her wrist He who had bear all the pain in his chest She ran so she could be alone He ran so he could be unknown […]

Dark soul

My body is ripped by the scars of your memories It is slowly inhaling my soul into it Each part of me is rotten by swells The touch of your impure hands are running through my mind It is fascinating how slowly my tears are engulfing me towards death Lips are bleeding, heart is sinking […]

Bare minimum

She slept with grief last night But woke-up pretending everything was right She who had her heart broken But her words were left unspoken She who did everything for their future But all he cared was about a rumor She who kissed him passionately But he did everything irrationally She who left everything for him […]

Walking towards a dream

On my way… Skies seem clear, shedded clouds appeared Sun shone bright, a shine layered Birds chirping, sweet melody revealed Smile spread so fine, happiness knocked Love stories and characters seemed related Flowers became trendy, and my face blossomed Love was the reason, as I walk towards my beloved -Fatima

Tale of first love

Come closer, I’ll show you heaven Hold me, I’ll make you feel damn fine Walk along, I’ll take you on a journey of love and lust combine Kiss me, I’ll disclose all the secrets hidden Grab me, I’ll be as addictive as an old wine Lay down, I’ll go against odds and cross all line […]

A tale of betrayal

I cried oceans that night My chest had emptiness Scars and blood it was my own fight Smoked up in cigars with loneliness My scream reached up till the moon light All I asked was for an escape from my hollowness Rather, You slept in peace that night You had accompanied belongingness Drinks and parties […]

Temptation to end it all

Believing in yourself, loving yourself, doing things for yourself, we have been with ourselves since the beginning. The love between you and just you is the most romantic love, no matter how toxic you are to yourself, you won’t leave you. Then why is that sometimes it gets painful to exist inside your own head, […]

Intimate interactions.

I moan while your lips touch my body When your teeth slowly undress me, I feel your hands on my chest When I bend on my knees to pleasure you I bite my lips feeling breathless When you ride hard on me I cry out of passionate love making When scratches remain proof of your […]

Love will save us

Did I choose this? Did you choose this? Did any of us choose? If only I had a switch to stop just stop everything for brief amount of time.. I would. Peace. The word itself gives you an aura of a calm ocean. I haven’t felt that calm ocean in a while, but do either […]

There is a happy place

I wanted to run away from the crowd Where cows and sheep sing along the road Sunshine and grasslands are only two things bestowed A daily walk towards the downhill Smiles exchange is the only drill Peace and joy are happy pill Miles away from the city light Animals playing around are the only site […]